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Why Makheni

Makheni Zonneveld wears different hats with such panache! Apart from being an award-winning storyteller, she is a passionate people developer. She is the founder of RST - Real Solutions Training in SA and Real Solutions Training Nederland. RST is a solution provider that offers face2face and virtual keynote addresses, masterclasses and coaching.

She is also a co-owner of Breinvoorkeuren - NBI® with her husband, Koen Zonneveld. Breinvoorkeuren NBI® is the only Dutch agent for Neethling Brain Instruments NBI®. 

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Makheni the Storyteller

Long long ago, when rocks were still soft, trees could walk and animals could speak, there was a South African storyteller who went about spreading joy and laughter. She then spread her wings to Noordwijkerhout, a tiny village along the west coast of The Netherlands. She continued to spread laughter and joy in South African langauges, English and Dutch. She even won a prize for a solo theatre performance in Dutch, her 12th language.


Makheni discovered the wonderful world of books at a very early age and fell in love with stories. She has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. If there is a storytelling gene, she got a double dose of it! She communicates everything from the serious to the frivolous in the form of stories. She tells real life stories in her keynote addresses and business books and uses various storytelling techniques in her leadership, inclusion and teamwork workshops and masterclasses.


She performs at corporate functions and she has performed at theatres like Theater onder de Molen, Landgraaf Theater and Wim de Natris art gallery with Walter van Wingerden as Afrika meets Europa Theatermakers. She has performed solo at different venues like Nederzandt in Noordwijk, Merlijn in Den Bosch, Kunstklank in Noordwijk, Haagse Historische Museum in Den Haag and a prize- winning performance at De Muze Theater in Noordwijk where she was the only storyteller among traditional theatre performers.

Why Makheni  


Makheni brings more than storytelling and acting talent to the corporate world. She taps into her unique skills set which is based on her unique experience. Her experience enables her to speaks the language of sales, customer service, organizational culture transformation, management, IT, training and education. She also has extensive experience in customizing interventions like keynote addresses and workshops so she brings that customizing expertise to storytelling.


When it comes to entertainment, Makheni offers wholesome family entertainment that is suitable for all ages - 4 to 104! She involves audiences, especially children, in song, dance and percussion. Her energy and sense of fun are truly infectious. An audience member commented, 'You don't listen to Makheni, you experience Makheni!'

What clients say about Makheni  



"Out from behind the wings of the stage she came in her wonderful costume. With power she began her story that quickly captured the entire audience of 350+ people. She didn't just TELL an interesting story. She WAS the story. She brought to us the richness of a culture visually, audibly and physically. Makheni is a master storyteller and that immediately crosses time and continents to share cutures." Robert Alan Black Ph.D. CSP, DLA - Creativity consultant speaker author storyteller, USA.


"Makheni is such a good storyteller, we should take her to all the schools." Derek Hanekom - Then Minister of science and Technology, SA. After Makheni's performance at a Pretoria zoo function.


"A joy for eyes and ears. The singing and dancing was wonderful!" Karin Kamman - K2 Partners in Communicatie, The Netherlands after Makheni's performance at Nederzandt.


Makheni is one of the great storytellers. She mesmerizes her audiences with story, character, song and movement. Her stories always seem to end long before you want them to and yet, in the end, despite wanting more, you are satisfied, rewarded and enriched by the experience. Makheni is a  miracle! Tim Hurson - Founder of Thinkx Intellectual Capital, Toronto, Canada. 



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