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Why Storytelling

Tell me a word, I hear a single word


Show me a picture, I hear a thousand words


But, tell me a story, I see a million pictures



Zeg mij een woord, dan hoor ik een woord


Toon mij een plaatje, dan hoor ik wel duizend woorden


Maar, vertel mij een verhaal, dan zie ik een miljoen plaatjes



There was a time when every household had a fireplace, in fact, an open hearth. Knowledge and wisdom were passed on from generation to generation through stories. This form of meaningful communication got embedded in our psyche. That is why it still appeals to us today.


You would expect the growth in impersonal electronic communication to obliterate this ancient art form. On the contrary, there is a simulteneous resurgence of storytelling in the corporate world and in other circles. The simple reason is – stories work.  


Attention spans are shrinking rapidly, not only because of the visual impact of electronic media but also because of the amount of information we have to process at the same tme. I have realized that people remember a story long after I have used it as an illustration and most importantly, they remember the lesson. Stories connect to the heart and not just to the head.


What is your story? Are you communicating it effectively to your internal and external customers? Do you tap into the power of story? Unlike corporate speak, stories connect to people's hearts.

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